Baby Bighorn Sheep in Monochrome

January 04, 2020

     Everyone has great expectations about our future at the start of a New Year, and the numerical magic of 2020 seems especially poignant.  What will happen....will it be wonderful, or something else?  Good or bad?  Is the future a roll-of-the-dice; is it already set in stone?  Are any or all of these at all possible?  None at all?

     Personally, I've always hoped for the best, but smart enough to plan for the worst; when that eventually happens.  This old-man that lives in the magical Wind River Canyon has a little something that will make you realize that there may be some hope for the future after all----something wonderful, indeed. monochrome Baby Bighorn SheepThe Little Ones - Baby Bighorn SheepBaby Bighorn Sheep imaged in the Wind River Canyon in the state of Wyoming in monochrome-black and white.     This is my new favorite photograph of the Bighorn Sheep that we see in the Wind River Canyon when they grace us with their presence.  It was a hard and long fight to get and process the color file; a RAW file in color is the best way of approaching a monochrome finished image.  I have so much more control of the final print than my Grandfather did in his darkroom over 60 years ago!  It's not any easier now, it just doesn't smell as bad as it did then.

     You can work your favorite color picture in black and white, then you will understand the underlying process that leads one to what fine art really is; and you've made it yours.  

May all of our dreams come to fruition.

Thank you for reading my Wind River Canyon Blog.

I am Michael John Balog and I live in the Wind River Canyon.

Visit safely my website for images of hummingbirds, bluebirds, orioles, finches, eagles and of course Bighorn Sheep;   



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