Bighorn Sheep Monochrome Slideshow Christmas Card

December 07, 2019

     I have always contended that it's easier for people to except monochrome wildlife photography (black and white) as art.  It's exciting to see that I've lived long enough to see its great resurgence. 

     Monochrome in the 21st century is more of an art than my Grandfather had in his darkroom; it can become quite involved with color-channels effecting grey-tones.  Shooting in color and over doing it in post-production, then moving on to converting it to black and white, and working till you have the look you desire is a real labor-of-love; and I do love it.

     The most iconic mammals that I get to photograph here in the Wind River Canyon, in central Wyoming, are the amazing and magical Bighorn Sheep.  They don't live here, in fact they don't live anywhere in particular----they are travelers, like you and me.  I must admit here that I've been influenced by the great work of David Yarrow; his wildlife images are spectacular and I envy his travels.  His large, limited-edition prints regularly sell for 70K!!!

     Here is a slideshow of my beloved Bighorn Sheep, all photographed right here in the Wind River Canyon, where live and breathe.  Merry Christmas to everyone that has ever loved one of mine.............      May everyone understand the love of the Christmas Season.  Thank you for your valuable time and viewing my life's pursuit.  

Michael John Balog - resident of the Wind River Canyon

     To see more of my wildlife photography and my wonderful hummingbirds,  a safe and child-friendly site.


MjB Rufous Hummingbird, Wind River Canyon,Wyoming  -  1st Place - 48th Cody Art ShowRufous Hummingbird, Wind River Canyon,Wyoming - 1st Place - 48th Cody Art ShowHummingbirds of the Wind River Canyon, Wyoming, 1st Place-48th Cody Art Show.     



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