Michael John Balog | Early Morning September Wyoming Hummingbird Video

Early Morning September Wyoming Hummingbird Video

September 23, 2017

     The Wind River Canyon has been described in publications as being magical, but living here is much more so.  It's a "beautifully dynamic" place to make one's home.  We were dealing with unusually warm weather in the 90's, and yesterday morning we had snow in the high-country.

     Tuesday night at 11:30 I glanced out my bathroom window as I always do.  Something dark in the tall, dry grass; I can't make out what it is.  Grabbing the nearby binoculars, I see under the lights a huge, buck deer laying down and looking my direction; his antlers nearly filling my field of vision.  He rises a few minutes later and meets up with his nearly identical double.  And under the distant reach of my mercury light, I am treated to these two bucks jousting near midnight!

     Watching these two bucks, now rivals, sparing in the canyon was an epic event I hope never to forget, but probably will as my hair continues to fall out.  

     This morning it was 40 degrees down here, and snowing up on the rim of the canyon.  At 8:30 this foggy, cold morning over coffee we see a fat and healthy hummingbird (young female Broad-tailed) on the dining room nectar feeder!  I leave them up to help out the late migrating hummers; but this late?  It's bloody cold and we still are seeing hummingbirds, and have been.

     I already had on my favorite flannel shirt, so after putting on a pair of wool fingerless gloves, I headed out into the cold with the camcorder on the finger-pinching tripod.  I almost forgot to put on my old cowboy hat.  

     Moving as close as I've learned I can get away with young hummingbirds, I shot scene after scene as she ate breakfast and zoomed back and forth to her "favorite spot."  After moving inside to warm up, I watched her zipping around this cold Wyoming canyon till she continued on her long, epic journey:  Here is a little 30 second video of a foggy, cold September morning in the Wind River Canyon....and a hummingbird, too! September Morning and the HummingbirdA cold September morning and a hummingbird migrates through the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming.       Even to this day, mail is not delivered to the Wind River Canyon.  Blizzards move in like a herd of wild horses, and the landslides/mudslides are still easily visible.  But Bald Eagles and Hummingbirds share the same flight paths, and Bighorn Sheep were in my backyard two weeks ago!  The Wind River Canyon is indeed a dynamic and magical place.

     Till next time...."Keep your camera (and camcorder) ready!"

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