Michael John Balog | New Baby Bighorn Sheep Video!

New Baby Bighorn Sheep Video!

September 16, 2017

     It's unusual for Bighorn Sheep to be seen near the few homes in the beautiful Wind River Canyon, an event worth streaking out the backdoor.  Walking into the kitchen in my skivvies to refill my iced tea, I observed a couple of Bighorns having lunch.  Since I was almost naked and didn't want to "scare away" the Bighorns, I shot-back to my bedroom to put on some clothes! 

     Without really looking I tried to put on a pair of shorts, and couldn't pull them up!  I'd gotten both feet in the same leg hole in my haste.  After yelling out a few chosen phrases, I rearranged the shorts and put on a "quiet" shirt (grey).  Running down the hallway I grabbed my 4K camcorder and headed out a backdoor....quietly.

     Hopping over the wall, and standing by a few juniper, I opened the EVF (electronic view finder) and started videoing the mother and daughter Bighorn Sheep.  The little-one is a female that is three months old; they are born in June; latest of the hoofed wild animals in Wyoming.  With my heart running a race and my breathing trying to keep up, it was difficult to keep the cam as steady as I wanted in telephoto; forgot to grab a tripod!  I shot some more "footage" then ran back into the cabin to retrieve one.

     Mental note----use a tripod with the camcorder when shooting something with the zoom lens in telephoto anything.  The tripod is a 1960's iron finger pincher that someone gave me, but it works.  Shooting as much as I could till the ewe and her baby decided it was time to leave, I bid them a fond adios.  You will just love these two Bighorn.... Bighorn Sheep in my Backyard!Bighorn Sheep, a Ewe and her baby, near my backdoor in the Wind River Canyon in the state of Wyoming.      As I've said before, "I know why movie editors get awards."  It's a long, creative process that yields results; in this case 46 seconds of it.  It was very hot for the first-half of September, so take note of the "heat waves."  Also notice the yellow butterflies flying around.  

     Why this ewe decided to take her baby Bighorn down into my neighborhood is a mystery, as so many things that wildlife sometimes do.  It's a thrill being able to video these amazing wild animals in the Wind River Canyon.  I wish I could for the next thousand years....c'est la vie...."such is life."

     For those that need to know, the 4K camcorder is a Sony FDR-AX53.

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