Michael John Balog | Whipping Snow and The Golden Eagle

Whipping Snow and The Golden Eagle

February 20, 2017

     High in the mountains of Wyoming, where no person lives, it's the depths of a terrible winter storm.  The winds don't just howl, they shatter the sky and the snow tears at your face.  A Golden Eagle still hunts for it's prey.  And in some strange coincidence my finger is on the shutter button.

     While  photographing the snow being torn from the Wind River Canyon's rim, another of these "magical canyon moments" just starts to happen.  

     I see Golden Eagles all the time here in the Wind River Canyon, always up high, hunting the places no person has ever seen.  It's cool watching the snow being driven off the mountain cliffs, the eagle flying into the frame is just pure Mountain Bliss; god it's cold here! Blowing Snow and The Golden Eagle, Wind River Canyon, Wyoming.Whipping Snow and The Golden EagleA black and white landscape of blowing snow and a Golden Eagle in the Wind River Canyon in the state of Wyoming.      All photography and writing of the Wind River Canyon Blog by Michael John Balog; Hogbats Photography, Wind River Canyon, Wyoming....all rights reserved.

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