Michael John Balog | Wind River Canyon Blog is Back Online!

Wind River Canyon Blog is Back Online!

June 03, 2017

     As it turns out, it's impossible to work on a creative endeavor at the only "good-public" internet access within a hundred miles of my little place in the Wind River Canyon; in Wyoming, just in case you've forgotten where.  The only internet I could get here in the canyon was a dreadful satellite connection that became unusable for my blog; I couldn't even get to the software to program my website, HogbatsPhotography.com.  

     A local McDonald's has the best WiFi around this "dark-side-of-the-Moon," but just try and write a short story down there!  Forget the smells, which are distracting enough, or the crowds, which seem to come in tsunamis.  As I was finishing up a short story that took longer than expected, the internet started going on and off with the regularity of a button-pusher!  It was irritating to be sure, but made me laugh out loud; and reach for another fry again....and again; which is another problem altogether.  

     Feeling defeated by the lack of technology, and I really like to work at my little desk in the Wind River Canyon, I did the human thing....I took time-off.  You could say that I gave up, but I really needed a break after writing a weekly short story for two and a half years; so I gave it up.

     We finally received a much needed hardware upgrade by HughesNet early this week, and I now have an internet speed that I'd only dreamed of for many years....it still costs way too much----"such is life."

Black-chinned Hummingbird, Portrait, Wind River Canyon, WyomingBlack-chinned Hummingbird, Portrait, Wind River Canyon, WyomingBlack-chinned Hummingbird Portrait.      Now for the real reason I write the Wind River Canyon Blog; life in a Wyoming canyon and all the fun stuff of living in the mountains of the Wild West.  It's very green and lush right now in the canyon, and the wildlife are busy.  Black-chinned Hummingbirds arrived early this Spring, I saw the first one May 19th, a male on my dining-room feeder.  A female was spotted only four days later.  I've observed Broad-tailed Hummingbirds, but, I don't know if they're moving through or nesting here like the Black-chinned, or the Rufous and Calliope Hummingbirds that arrive the first week of July.

     We watched with friends and family as melting Spring snow brought down large boulders with loud, echoing crashes throughout the Wind River Canyon last month.  But the Bullock's Orioles are here as always, and are nesting close by the cabin.  And I worked every single day with 4 cute, little Yellow-bellied Marmots that popped out one morning within sight of my kitchen windows.  I use my notorious double-whistle to identify my presence, and one little "Rock Chuck" in particular responded with curiosity.  Just yesterday afternoon I whistled near his new "townhouse" and the others scattered into their deep-holes, but he came out to see me with a trust that is very unusual. Yellow-bellied Marmot yearling, Wind River Canyon, Wyoming.Yellow-bellied Marmot yearling, Wind River CanyonYellow-bellied Marmot yearling in the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming, also known as a Rock Chuck.      The Wind River is very high right now as they ready Boysen Lake for the huge snow-pack melt to come from the Wind River Mountains.  This time-of-the-year the canyon vibrates with life and the river and creeks attract wild animals and birds of all kinds.  Yesterday's hike up a nearby trail was intoxicating.  The smell of juniper, cedar, and wildflowers gorging the clean-air with an air-freshener better than any from a can!  Drive through the Wind River Canyon....and stop!  Take a little of your precious time and see what amazing things that Mother Nature is doing in the Wind River Canyon.

     Writing and all photographs by Michael John Balog, resident of the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming----all rights reserved.  

     Visit the only documentation of the hummingbirds and wildlife in the Wind River Canyon @ www.HogbatsPhotography.com

Thank you for reading my blog....I really mean it....thank you.