Michael John Balog | Bighorn Sheep Down By The Wind River Video!

Bighorn Sheep Down By The Wind River Video!

August 07, 2016

     Yesterday was another magical day in the Wind River Canyon.  As I've written before, "You don't find Bighorn Sheep in the canyon, they find you."  I was in a northern room of our cabin watching the Olympics when I spotted the Bighorn down by the Wind River and, grabbed my new Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder and ran out the front door, down the hill and across the road to the Wind River.  The tall grass is literally high-as-an-elephants-eye, and so green and lush it's intoxicating....God, I love this place.

     There were five of the Ewes (females) out for an afternoon together.  It was about time I got to really use the new 4K cam in-the-field with time pressure.  The new Sony works well, even under stress and a "can't-miss-this" video opportunity.  I shot a dozen video segments @ 100mps; which will probably mean nothing to you.  The resulting files are HUGE, but the resolution is very good considering the lens is "small."  By small I mean compared to my white telephoto lenses for my DSLR cameras.  

     I still cannot get to the programming for my website through my Hughesnet connection in the Wind River Canyon, and I have NO other option.  So here I sit, freezing to death, at the McDonald's twelve miles away!  

     This video, that I edited together late yesterday, is the best Bighorn Sheep-in-the-Wind River Canyon film ever put together.  It was an emotional experience to sit in the deep grass by the Wind River and film such lovely wildlife.  I've had many people ask me how they can see the Bighorn Sheep in the canyon.  I can't find them when I want to......but now I have a new video for all those people, like me, that think the Bighorn Sheep are invisible most of the time!

     I wish I could include the emotions that course through my body and mind when such wildlife moments happen in the canyon.  But as good as today's technology is, the feelings are your own.  Watch how a little Bighorn Sheep finally notices me on the river's edge.  These are amazingly rarer moments on this blue marble than ever before.  I fervently hope that future generation can enjoy these "wildlife moments" and not just see them in old videos. Bighorn Sheep Down By The RiverBighorn Sheep down by the Wind River in the Wind River Canyon, in the state of Wyoming. All writing of my Wind River Canyon Blog and photography by Michael John Balog - Hogbats Photography, Wind River Canyon, Wyoming----All Rights Reserved.  Visit my website www.HogbatsPhotography.com    

Thank you and, I hope your summer is going as good as mine.