Birds of the Wind River Canyon

July 03, 2021

     A very sweet letter was sent to me recently by a camper that visited the Wind River Canyon.  With all the birds nesting this time of the year, she was interested in what birds were actually in the canyon.  I am the only individual that has ever tried to professionally photograph all the wildlife that resides in this magical and isolated ecosystem; she found my 

     There are well over 100 different species of birds that either visit or reside in the Wind River Canyon!  A few of them we have seen only once, many nest in the canyon every year, and some just hang around and eat all my sunflower seeds and suet blocks. 

     Bullock's Orioles (Icterus bullockii) are here every spring; 3 pair nested this year and their young are out right now as I write this Wind River Canyon blog.  They are colorful and love my home-made hummingbird nectar from the hummingbird feeders!  The hummingbirds are arriving now that will breed this and every summer. 

     I have included the two galleries of bird photographs as slide shows.  There are birds I have observed that could not be imaged; some are impossibly difficult.  Some are just too widespread to be of any interest.  Then there are those moments of serendipity; wonderful things just happen.  I will also include my cherished Hummingbird Gallery; hummingbirds are what started me on this wild quest in the first place. Hummingbirds imaged in the Wind River Canyon with Canon cameras.      I know that there is a lot of content to digest; 164 bird photographs!  Most species are very difficult to observe without telescopic aid.  Hummingbirds may just come right up to you for a look-see; this is common among hummingbirds.  Other bird species come and go in the canyon like it's some magical race.  Many species of birds are seen only rarely, if at all.  But, they all have been photographed in the Wind River Canyon.

     Thank you for reading my Wind River Canyon Blog.  I am Michael John Balog and I live in the Wind River Canyon.  All content was produced by me and all rights are reserved.  A small Raptors Gallery is below. MjB



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