New Springtime Wildlife Images from Wyoming

May 08, 2021

     You know when springtime has really arrived in the Wind River Canyon, here in Wyoming, when it has finally stopped snowing!  But you really can tell when spring has begun when the baby Marmots pop-out of the ground.  Locally known as Rock Chucks, Yellow-bellied Marmots are either cute or a problem; depends whom is looking at them.  They are harmless mammals that live over three-quarters of their lives underground! 

     They also were a food source long ago in the American West; I was told.  You cannot deny that they are adorable, especially when they are only three days out of their deep-underground home, as in the photograph below; imaged this week with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II.

Four Baby Marmots in the Wind River CanyonFour Baby Marmots in the Wind River CanyonFour baby Yellow-bellied Marmots, also known as Rock Chucks, imaged in the Wind River Canyon in the state of Wyoming.      For many people, even seeing a big male Wild Turkey in display can be a real event, and here in the Wind River Canyon the photograph in this Wind River Canyon Blog is a real first.  They are nesting nearby me and I see them fairly regularly, but to image an adult Tom in display is a unique first here in the canyon this springtime.

     The image was taken with the Canon M6 Mark 2, but at a distance of over 50 yards I had to make some adjustments in post-production.  He is a big adult male in full display....without stuffing mind you.      While I just love a turkey sandwich, they don't look very appetizing to me either!  And you should hear the sound they make.  I was told that the Wild Turkey doesn't taste any better than they look!

     One of my favorite wildlife subjects to photograph are the many finches we have here in the canyon.  In the springtime we have an abundance, and the Cassin's Finch is especially showing off their red-colors this spring.  I was using the big Tamron lens, 150-600mm G2 on my old favorite Canon 7D; hand-held, which is good exercise, too.  The shadows in the image give it an artistic look and really brings out the contrasts and the lovely reds; he is a real beauty. Cassin's Finch male, artisticCassin's Finch, Wind River CanyonCassin's finch male photographed in the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming.      The songs of finches can be heard now throughout the Wind River Country, and here by our cabin in the canyon it is a wonderful way to try and forget all the troubles in the world right now.  Find a place near you and explore the sounds of nature's songs; you will understand and feel much better; trust me.......

     The production of the Wind River Canyon Blog and all photographic images is by me, Michael John Balog, resident of the canyon.  All cameras are Canon cameras, of course; most purchased used.  All content is protected by copyright including my website  Click and safely visit to see wild animals you have never seen, including many hummingbird photographs!

Thank you for your obviously valuable time; thank you




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