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A Cool Photo I Missed

October 07, 2017

     You'd think the living would be all "Hawaiian Mellow" out here, and at times it's more like being in Middle Earth, then anyplace else I can ever think of.  But, when it's Hummingbird Season I get little sleep and become just a little obsessed over my quarry.  So, there are photographs that I miss, throw out, forget, misplace, dump....

     As I was going through some digital files from this summer, I came upon something quite unique and special.  In two decades, I've never seen anything quite like this in the Wind River Canyon.  I'd actually finished it and forgot it just as fast, in my usual rush to capture images of the breeding hummingbirds before they leave for their winter digs.

     Orioles nest and breed right here in the middle of the Wind River Canyon every year, and I always enjoy the "hunt" with my camera.  Bullock's Orioles (Icterus bullockii) are somewhat shy by nature, and not at all easy to photograph well.  They relish the homemade nectar in my hummingbird feeders, and there are weeks that both orioles and hummingbirds compete at the same feeders.  At times it can get a little weird around here.  The orioles are much bigger, and the hummingbirds don't like it, but the competition doesn't last long. Bullock's Orioles, two female juvenilesBullock's Orioles, The Twins (f)Two Bullock's Oriole females born in the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming.      This forgotten image is of two young female Bullock's Orioles that were born right here in the canyon, not far from our cabin.  The parents show the kids where they can get something to eat, and then head for points south, leaving the young birds to fend for themselves.  These two sisters hung around together and I saw them many times, every day; competition usually keeps them apart and competing for food.  In fact, this was the last day they came to their favorite feeder; the next day they left on their long migration.


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