Magical Moments with Wildlife

January 10, 2021

     There are moments when you are wandering through nature that something begins to happen, something magical.  It is probably beyond our abilities to explain the natural events before us; we feel it none-the-less.

     A memory of Mother Nature not soon forgotten, but this wilderness wildlife experience is a remembrance that may linger for a lifetime. 

     The way that wild animal just looked at you is an emotional experience that is yours alone.  That single moment in time changes the way we think and understand the wild world; it has changed us. 

    That single moment of eye-contact with that wild animal felt different somehow----didn't it? 

     You may not realize just how the wilderness and that wild animal has made you think a little differently; you have been changed by the experience.  The wilderness has made a difference in my life, too.

     When you looked in the eyes of that wild animal, you knew something had just happened between you.  I do not claim to know what just occurred either, but I have felt it many times here in the Wind River Canyon.

     Last Wednesday morning, I was on the way into town when I spotted a beautiful buck deer right next to the river.  The stag was laying down relaxing in the warming sunshine on a cold early January day.  Like your credit card, I never leave home without my camera; I grabbed it from my wife's lap after stopping the truck.  

     The buck didn't notice my presence at first while I pushed the shutter button.  Then those big ears of his belied my existence in his world.  The eye-contact was practically electric between us; we could both feel it, I knew.  A moment with a wild animal not soon forgotten; he is magnificent. Big Buck Mule Deer next to the Wind RiverMule Deer Stag near The Wind River, WyomingBig Mule Deer Buck laying down next to the Wind River in the state of Wyoming; great eye contact.      The camera was my favorite Canon EOS M6 Mark II with my favorite lens, the Canon 70-200mm F/4L; hand held, obviously.  Always shooting a RAW file, it was first worked in post-production in the latest version of Canon Digital Photo Professional, then sharpened in Topaz Labs Sharpen AI software, then "touched-up" and finished (metadata) in Lightroom.  

     Looking into his eyes makes it all worth while, and a wildlife experience not soon forgotten.  Get off of your sofa and go for a walk in a wilderness near you, it will change your life............I promise.

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*Be smart, be safe, live to tell about it.

I am Michael John Balog and I live in the Wind River Canyon here in Wyoming.

Thank you very much for your time!







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