Albino Bighorn Sheep Photography Gallery

September 29, 2018

     The rarest wild animal ever photographed in North America; there was only the one.  The only one you or I will ever see again.  This Albino Bighorn Sheep had a name, it came to me in a dream, his name was Snowflake.  He was famous he is infamous.

     The gallery below contains the only professional photographs ever taken of Snowflake, the Albino Bighorn Sheep.  All the photographs were imaged in the Wind River Canyon, which is in central Wyoming.  All the images were taken and produced by Michael John Balog, resident of the Wind River Canyon.  The photographs were taken over the years of his adult life.        "I knew that the many, many hours spent following Snowflake and his friends around the Wind River Canyon over the years were something very special.  An honor I cannot ever repay Mother Nature for such memorable times."

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Click on Michael's for safe viewing of wildlife photographs of hummingbirds, orioles, bluebirds and over a hundred other birds and mammals that live in the magical Wind River Canyon.

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