Wind River Canyon Christmas Card 2018

December 08, 2018

     Christmas has always been a very special time of the year, when children's dreams and wishes really can come true.  It is the beauty in our hearts that make the Holidays a wonderful time.  Let us now smile and spread that Christmas joy and love.      The tune is called "Under the Mistletoe."  The black and white portrait of the Bald Eagle was photographed on November 27th:  I wanted it to look like it was done with a charcoal pencil in art class.  Thank you for your time and attention-----Merry Christmas from Michael and Debra right from "deep snow" Wind River Canyon, right in the middle of Wyoming.  

     All the birds in the Christmas picture gallery were photographed in the Wind River Canyon by Michael John Balog.  For more galleries filled with wonderful wild animals from the canyon's ecosystem, visit my safe

A Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!







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