Michael John Balog | Wyoming Bog Orchids and the Hidden Waterfalls Video

Wyoming Bog Orchids and the Hidden Waterfalls Video

June 18, 2017

     There's a little island at the lower-end of the spring-fed creek that runs through my place in the Wind River Canyon.  For years, I've watched these strange wildflowers bloom on this little island-in-the-creek here in Wyoming.  They are around a foot tall, with long spear-like leaves in a most striking green.  The wildflowers are greenish, yet somewhat white, and run in columns up the bright stem.  I never knew what they were until I did the research recently.  

     I had never noticed these Wyoming wildflowers growing anywhere else in the canyon's ecosystem, but they had to exist somewhere; they tend to blend-in to their environment and remain unseen.  

     These fascinating wildflowers turn out to be Orchids!  Bog Orchids (Platanthera aquilonis) are their name.  I was a little disappointed.....their name could have been cooler!

     The photograph below was taken by me on the icy-cold creek the other day.  The small spider gives some context to the small (1/4th inch) size of these orchids; and they smell wonderful. Bog Orchids and the SpiderBog Orchids in the Wind River CanyonBog Orchids and the spider in Wind River Canyon in the state of Wyoming.      Early this morning, I shot some video segments of Bog Orchids blooming by waterfalls that very few people have ever seen.  The editing was finished only a short time ago.  This is an amazing, isolated spot in the Wind River Canyon, and a short-documentary I thought you'd enjoy this great day in mid-June. Bog Orchids and the Waterfall_Wind River CanyonBog Orchids and the hidden waterfalls of the Wind River Canyon in the state of Wyoming.      All photography, videography and writing of the Wind River Canyon Blog by Michael John Balog----all rights are reserved.

     Visit the Hogbats Photography website for many more wildflowers, hummingbirds, wild animals, and birds of the Wind River Canyon.

     Thank you for reading and viewing my Wind River Canyon Blog this week.  And remember to "keep your camera ready."