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Wind River Canyon Blog     

     Imagine a beautiful golden canyon in a far-away land.  The Wind River Canyon, in the state of Wyoming, is one of the very few wild places that have remained relatively unspoiled by over-development.  The Wind River runs fast and clean, the junipers have berries that feed wild birds, wildflowers bloom, and over 100 species of birds fly in this magical Wind River Canyon.  Bighorn Sheep, Elk and Deer have all been seen from our cabin steps, and four species of hummingbirds come to nest and raise their young in the Wind River Canyon every Summer.      

     My Wind River Canyon Blog will be about my experiences with Mother Nature in the canyon's ecosystem, and the way in which I capture those magic moments with affordable equipment, cheap software and lots of serendipity.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as my wife and I have.

"I want people to fall in love with Mother Nature, not wonder what happened to her." 


New Wyoming Wild Turkey and American Goldfinch Baby Chicks Images

September 05, 2020
Something amazing happened this year in the Wind River Canyon here in Wyoming. Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) were born in the canyon for the very first time! I never...
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New Hummingbird Photographs Imaged in Wyoming

August 08, 2020
Last Monday the temperature reached an incredible 105 here in the Wind River Canyon; the digital thermometer read 103 yesterday! This is heat down in this magical canyon...
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Unique Natural Stone Arch in the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming

July 11, 2020
Very early last Tuesday morning, July 7th, weather conditions seemed perfect; it was 57 degrees here in the Wind River Canyon; it would end up at 102 degrees!! The new ca...
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Wyoming's Largest Butterfly

June 06, 2020
Let me take you away from all the world's problems for just a moment. Follow me into a magical golden canyon where the stress of our life doesn't ever exist. The early wi...
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My Favorite Wyoming Wildflowers with New Photographs

May 09, 2020
Last Wednesday morning, May the sixth, there was a high-cloud layer that was supposed to clear in the Wind River Canyon, where I live. Springtime finally fell into the ca...
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